NFT Award Auction

  1. Download your crypto-wallet such as MetaMask (Chrome extension).
  2. Exchange normal money to Ethereum cryptocurrency with a service like Wyre to have money in your crypto-wallet.
  3. Open an OpenSea account.
  4. Connect your wallet to OpenSea; click the right sidebar to do so.
  5. Search for the digital art you want to buy, here is the link for the Pandemic Innovation Awards.
  6. Make your bid! Reminder: the auction runs until May 31 and proceeds go to support future entrepreneurs and innovators from disadvantage communities.

Good luck!

This event highlighted the top pandemic innovations from the past year and it also showcased many of the companies and organizations featured in the recently published Innovate New Jersey coffee table book (see below). Afterwards, we hosted an Ask Me Anything chat with two of the most respected entrepreneurs and investors on the planet, Jeff Hoffman and Sean O'Sullivan.